Daily Archives: June 8, 2009

TNC 2009 Opening Plenary – part 2

Jorge Cortell – Kanteron Systems, Malaga University – Augmenting Reality in the Operating RoomHere were some interesting examples of the uses in health care of high capacity networks, augmented reality, a step beyond virtual reality and what is really a hyper-reality modelling showing things that cannot be normally seen or examined – and we got … Read more

TNC 2009 Opening Plenary – part 1

Konstantinos Glinos, EU Commission –  ICT infrastructures for e-ScienceThe presentation was pushing the benefits and importance of national and pan national networks, perhaps not a hard sell for this audience. There was a sense that this was shoe-horned in slot being politically necessary given the GN3 launch later this year. Still. After describing his views … Read more

TF-PR Meeting 7 June 2009 Malaga

The TF-PR meetings are generally getting better and better as the group stabilises and starts sharing experiences and knowledge. But the meeting that usually accompanies the TNC conference frequently feels ‘flat’ I guess because more is expected of the main conference and we don’t really put enough energy into our own side meeting.This one felt … Read more