Future Students and ICT

There is currently alot of noise around student expectations of ICT when they move into FE or HE – JISC itself has carries out alot of work in many areas related to this topic ( not least a recent IPSOS MORI study into Student Expectations) and is convening a Committee of Inquiry, chaired by Prof Sir David Melville, to examine the implications on institutional strategy and policy of the changing expectations of student with regard to ICT.

Whilst much of this is clearly signficant and important there must surely be concerns about how much of this work seems to take place with little reference or involvement of the students themselves. A recent video brought to my attention (like so much else in this area) by Matt Jukes, only emphasises to me how far adrift much of the educational establishment might be in this area

The Department of Innovation, Univesities and Skills is to launch a ‘Student Listening Campaign’ this week on 18 October and it is to be hoped that this might genuinely provide a concrete way that students can contribute to this debate. Equally the JISC-sponsored Inquiry has the opportunuity, if it chooses to take it, of providing the sector with some real student insights into the issue of ICT usage within further and higher education – lets hope it does

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  1. Elise

    Hi Robert,

    I saw the same clip last week and thought it was quite fascinating. At least in this instance the gap between professor and students wasn’t so big, but I think thats the exception to the rule…

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