The First Book of Madness

Found deep within the ancient repositorium of JISCWorld, occasionally pages from this lost book of antiquity come to light, bringing with them insights into the arcane and wondrous workings of this shadowy and spectral force.

The torn fragments from this venerable tome cast brief shafts of light, as if through some shattered prism, onto what must have been sacred and significant rites and personalities of this impenetrable world, slowly embroidering a picture that reveals more details of the ancient JISCWorld:

  • The Smeeterites , a small group of initiates, vessels for the words and will of the Reidmeister, and tormented by the responsibilities that they carry, struggle to make sense of The Call on behalf of all those institutionalised far beyond the halls of JISC Central. They also fight to control the self-replicating armies of JISC Services who twist and turn in endless efforts to break free from the tyranny that they perceive in JISCWorld
  • Working in the stygian gloom below the chambers of the Smeeterites, the Secutifs have little written about them, toiling selflessly as they do in the shadows of their masters, but even so there are rare snatches of their frenzied labours as they seek to uphold the edifice that surrounds them
  • The howling of the JISC Services, altered beyond recognition in some cases through repeated mutations and deformities, can regularly be heard even in the inner sanctum of JISCWorld, sorely trying the courage and resolve of the Secutifs who labour to contain and satiate their ravenous desires
  • There are other worlds too, and some seek trade with JISCWorld or even to place it under their own thrall – these Parterres are clearly the object of much labour and energy from the Smeeterites and Secutifs as they try to keep the friendly Parterres close and their enemy Parterres closer still
  • Some written fragments refer to the godhead of the JISCWorld, The Heftkey (also referred to at times as Deus). All in JISCWorld are forced to recognise the omnipotence and omniscience of The Heftkey, and whilst some of the Secutifs deny his presence, all ultimately must submit to his will and power

As further snatches of the First Book of Madness come to light, they will be recorded here for posterity


From the First Book of Madness, chapter XV, verses 12- 29

And in the ancient of days it was written by the high priest of Wistreich that whenever two or more JISC Services or Centres of Support in the far-flung regions of JISC World are gathered together, then verily there will be a wailing and gnashing of teeth and a mighty beating of breasts:

“We are not understood, nor are we valued. We are forced to use the evil Babelfish to translate the mighty words of JISC World and yet still we get no respite nor yet do we understand the teachings from the Readmeister and his servants”

The under workers of the Reidmeister grew weary of the ceaseless cries from outside of the inner circle and many fell into casting thoughts of the complainants into the deep recesses of their minds in order that they might pay devotions to their own and proper demons

But it also written that one day the voice of the Reidmeister will rise up into the air above JISC World and pour down like rain upon his throng and tell the complainants to:

“Shut the hell up and get on with it”

The future is foretold but none knows of its time of coming



Within the Secutifs there were the special ones, the visionaries, those who had knowledge of the secret ways, whose role it was to listen into the Blogosphere, hear it speak and bring its teachings back into JISCWorld. These were called the Wikid. There were many in JISCWorld who neither understood the Wikid nor the strange messages they revealed. And it was said that even the Heftkey was troubled by their visions, disturbed by the new ways of being that the Wikid foretold, and unsettled least the rituals that had been laid down so many years ago might be blown away and the might of the Heftkey with them.

The Blogosphere was a strange oracle, a constantly changing and shifting being, that released an endless stream of messages, some promising great things, of freedom, of a new world, and others that even the Wikid struggled to make sense of and which of themselves seemed to be the utterances of a deranged collection of minds.

The Wikid would often go into a trance like state and employ the services of their own Blogs to become one with the Blogosphere and seek out the news that they believed would keep JISCWorld strong, protect it from its enemies, especially those in the Parterres:

From the First Book of Madness, chapter XXII, verses 35 – 46

‘And it is so, for it is the purpose of the Wikid to join with the Blogosphere and open themselves up to the perils of the ether, and harvest the new truth from wherever so they may find it, and bring it back to JISCWorld. The Wikid are subject to the wrath and the mocking of the Twitters who only seek to confuse and befuddle, but it is the Wikid who must divine the good truth, and make it acceptable to the Reidmeister, even though they may incur his displeasure and be for ever called the TeckieGeek. The Wikid know their place and toil with their Peecee’s and their Mobbies and their other arcane tools in perpectual search of the new truth’