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Geant 3rd Generation

   Geant/TF-PR Meeting, Dublin, 25-27 February 2009.The afternoon of 25 and morning of 26 were devoted to presentations and discussions by Dante around the forthconing third generation of Geant. Clearly this time around there is going to be more attention to working with and through partners, perhaps in recognition to perceived failings in earlier generations. John Chevers is to take … Read more


A few weeks back I decided to dip back into the world of Twitter, largely by being prompted to look at the Tweetdeck tool. Tweetdeck is indeed fine and is a boon in managing the flood of tweets. It is also has a rather funky black presentation a refreshing change from the sometime lurid colours … Read more

Online Educa 08- Norbert Bolz

Prof Norbert Bolz, Berlin University of Technology, Germany From Knowledge Management to Identity Management Bolz outlined five key concepts: Serious Play It is becoming harder to distinguish between tools and toys and younger people are best able to exploit this. Bolz feels that this deals with the issue of ‘paradise of work’ or how it … Read more