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Disrespectful and Time-Wasting, or Engaged and Transformative? The Mile-High Twitter Debate

Educause 2009 W. Gardner Campbell – Director, Academy for Teaching and Learning, Baylor University Bruce Maas – Chief Information Officer , University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee @GardnerCampbell An entertaining presentation,  all now playable here, a kind of semi-stand up between an alleged Twitter fiend and a CIO. It felt a bit like a wrestling bout  – all a … Read more

Terena PR Task Force

TF-PR 25-27 February 2009, DublinHosted by HEA Net in Dublin, this set of meetings followed on directly from the Geant gathering. Much of the first afternoon was taken up in a workshop centred around the issues on internal communications at an NREN level –  first describing how internal communications is currently carried out and then how it should … Read more