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TF-PR Meeting 7 June 2009 Malaga

The TF-PR meetings are generally getting better and better as the group stabilises and starts sharing experiences and knowledge. But the meeting that usually accompanies the TNC conference frequently feels ‘flat’ I guess because more is expected of the main conference and we don’t really put enough energy into our own side meeting.This one felt … Read more

Geant 3rd Generation

   Geant/TF-PR Meeting, Dublin, 25-27 February 2009.The afternoon of 25 and morning of 26 were devoted to presentations and discussions by Dante around the forthconing third generation of Geant. Clearly this time around there is going to be more attention to working with and through partners, perhaps in recognition to perceived failings in earlier generations. John Chevers is to take … Read more

Terena PR Task Force

TF-PR 25-27 February 2009, DublinHosted by HEA Net in Dublin, this set of meetings followed on directly from the Geant gathering. Much of the first afternoon was taken up in a workshop centred around the issues on internal communications at an NREN level –  first describing how internal communications is currently carried out and then how it should … Read more

MarketingNREN Services – SURFNet and ARNES

TNC 2008 SURFNET – Netherlands Currently product managers are responsible for marketing their services including marketing mix, budgets, encouraging take up etc. Have more recently coordinated comms and marketing work to help consolidate calendars of activity and scheduling. They are trying to address questions of when in the life cycle comms should be included and … Read more

Making the Case for NREN’s

TNC 2008 John Dyer of Terena prepared a discussion document to help answer the question -“What Have NREN’s Done for Us” – or something similar… Document was started to try and pre-empt any questions about why NREN’s should not exist. In essence the current document covers the following areas: Historically in 70’s not much was … Read more

TF-PR Image Repository

TF-PR Meeting – 21 February 2008 Terena have developed, following a previous TF-PR meeting suggestion, an archive for photos and this platform could be used to build an album for TF-PR images. The platform can only accommodate photographs but not for logos or graphical materials. There was a wider discussion about why existing platforms shouldn’t … Read more