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TF-PR Image Repository

TF-PR Meeting – 21 February 2008 Terena have developed, following a previous TF-PR meeting suggestion, an archive for photos and this platform could be used to build an album for TF-PR images. The platform can only accommodate photographs but not for logos or graphical materials. There was a wider discussion about why existing platforms shouldn’t … Read more

Xavier University Web 2.0 strategy

Educause 2007 – Wednesday 24 October Xavier is a 175 yrs old Jesuit university with a traditional liberal arts background and suffering a recent drop in students. The Info Resources team was formed in 2001 but benefited from little subsequent integration; its services were rudimentary and they worked with very limited personnel. Information services were … Read more

Terena News

The TF-PR group within Terena contribute national stories to a news serviec called PeaR. News items from this are then published via the Terena News pages. Naturally RSS feeds are availabe and Terena have recently begun posting podcasts – the four available at the time of posting not surprisingly concentrate on the recent Terenaa Networking … Read more