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Online Educa 08 – Open Educational Resources – Rachel Bruce

Rachel Bruce, Programme Director – Information Environment, JISCSharing Nationally: Is It Any of Your Business?Fior JISC the benefits of Open Educational Resources are: Improving education Giving institutions access to larger range of resources Supporting students in their learning Saving tutor time, accessing resources they cannot create Sustainability issues revolve around two aspects: Money – the … Read more

Online Educa 08- Norbert Bolz

Prof Norbert Bolz, Berlin University of Technology, Germany From Knowledge Management to Identity Management Bolz outlined five key concepts: Serious Play It is becoming harder to distinguish between tools and toys and younger people are best able to exploit this. Bolz feels that this deals with the issue of ‘paradise of work’ or how it … Read more

Online Educa 2008 – Day 1

Educa 2008 has attracted 2064 delegates from 92 countries with the Dutch delegation of 237 and the UK delegation 247 being the largest groups after the Germans. This is JISC’s fifth (?) time at Educa and this time without partnering SURF who were unable to attend. We were however next to the Dutch Open University … Read more