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To TNC or not TNC?

I have to dash back tomorrow morning and so miss the remainder of the conference. Was just pondering – really great streaming of all sessions, well done, but why did I spend 550 euros, plus plane, hotel, meals, car park etc to come when I could have had all of it for free and stayed … Read more

TNC 2009 Opening Plenary – part 2

Jorge Cortell – Kanteron Systems, Malaga University – Augmenting Reality in the Operating RoomHere were some interesting examples of the uses in health care of high capacity networks, augmented reality, a step beyond virtual reality and what is really a hyper-reality modelling showing things that cannot be normally seen or examined – and we got … Read more

TNC 2009 Opening Plenary – part 1

Konstantinos Glinos, EU Commission –  ICT infrastructures for e-ScienceThe presentation was pushing the benefits and importance of national and pan national networks, perhaps not a hard sell for this audience. There was a sense that this was shoe-horned in slot being politically necessary given the GN3 launch later this year. Still. After describing his views … Read more

TF-PR Meeting 7 June 2009 Malaga

The TF-PR meetings are generally getting better and better as the group stabilises and starts sharing experiences and knowledge. But the meeting that usually accompanies the TNC conference frequently feels ‘flat’ I guess because more is expected of the main conference and we don’t really put enough energy into our own side meeting.This one felt … Read more

Reflections on #JISC09

This was our first year away from Birmingham since a conference before my time that took place at the Cafe Royale (now defunct and sold off) in London. When we announced we were going to Edinburgh there were the predictable moans about travel cost, distance, no-one turning up etc. As it transpires all these fears … Read more

Geant 3rd Generation

   Geant/TF-PR Meeting, Dublin, 25-27 February 2009.The afternoon of 25 and morning of 26 were devoted to presentations and discussions by Dante around the forthconing third generation of Geant. Clearly this time around there is going to be more attention to working with and through partners, perhaps in recognition to perceived failings in earlier generations. John Chevers is to take … Read more

Terena PR Task Force

TF-PR 25-27 February 2009, DublinHosted by HEA Net in Dublin, this set of meetings followed on directly from the Geant gathering. Much of the first afternoon was taken up in a workshop centred around the issues on internal communications at an NREN level –  first describing how internal communications is currently carried out and then how it should … Read more