I head up the Communications and Marketing team at JISC. As a technologically ignorant enthusiast I am trying to use some of the stuff that JISC espouses – in this instance blog technology.

This will be an effort to post stuff regularly(?) based on my thoughts and ponderings arising from communications issues in JISCWorld. Frankly it may also end up being a way for me to record my views and opinions on events and conferences that I collide with, and with a bit of luck remove the need to write up more formal, tedious reports …

Should anyone else stumble across my musings it will be interesting to see if they can be bothered to comment. It seems to me that, whilst there appear to be limitless opportunities for those with a technical ‘bent’ to bounce things off each other and build their own little communities of interest, for those of us coming from a more communications or marketing angle, there are precious few places to ‘chew the fat’ with like -mined people: prove me wrong

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