It Is About Time: Getting Our Values Around Copyright Right

Educause 2009

Lawrence Lessig – Director, Edward J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics, and Professor of Law , Harvard University

A suitably entertaining and informed presentation about the inadequacies of current copyright law in relation to education and science in front of a sizeable audience in the huge Wells Fargo theatre. Lessig highlighted the need for a better model of copyright in and the responsibility that sits with the community to question and demand change. It was perhaps not surprisingly a strong call for open access and peer review to  deal with the problems of ever increasingly expensive and prohibitive copyright around publications and scholarly communications and of course the promotion of the Creative Commons models.

It was an extraordinary presentation; emotional, logical and forward looking  with exemplary use of Keynote contrasting with the welter of nasty Powerpoint presentations this show. A presentation that was met with a standing ovation.

The presentation can be seen here, but I suggest you fast forward to about 26 minutes to avoid the awards part (despite Nicole Harris being on stage as one of the Catalyst Award winners – well done her!)