Green IT: Conscience or Wallet?

Educause 2009

Mark Askren – Chief Information Officer , University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Donald Z. Spicer – ECAR Senior Fellow & Assoc Vice Chancellor for Information Technology , University System of Maryland

Well let me admit now, this session lost me quite early on. Surely this should be more exciting than this – I am not sure if it was the style of presentation or the content… Two people barely disagreeing and looking/talking like characters from the Muppets an engaging session does not make. Is it me –  I really want to get into this sort of debate but most times it bores me rigid – but , whoa its important. Bill St Arnaud was the only one who got and kept my attention at the Terena Conference this year – can’t more speakers on this important topic be a little bit more like him.

I am not going to try to resume the main points, the whole dull affair will eventually be available for view.. sigh. I am sorry chaps it just didn’t happen for me, although a few of the more techie attendees seemed to get into something – its probably just be then.