Blackboard, Moodle, and Sakai

Educause 2009

Melody Childs – Deputy CIO and Executive Director of User Support and Student IT Enablement , Louisiana State University

Michael Korcuska  – Executive Director , Sakai Foundation

David G. Swartz – Assistant VP and CIO , American University

Boy you need to get to sessions early – this one was full and overflowing well before start. This  was a session that was careful not to ‘dis’ Blackboard but seemed riven through with an avid dislike of it and other vended solutions

The session can be seen in all its glory here.

It bounced through the questions and issues like:

·         Its free – what like free beer or free puppies?

·         Ooh we spend the money we save on people to support it

·         Who do you call if open fouls up? Well the community of course – 30 million Moodle users must know the answer (and they probably do)

·         Mmm Blackboard have a sophisticated support service (unspoken sneers)

·         But isn’t it all very risky? Ah well, there is risk everywhere even (especially?) in vended solutions ( a phrase used it seems instead of saying the B word)

·         But who decides what gets taken into new open releases and when? Of course, its up to you!

I don’t want to seem unsupportive of what is transparently a good thing but really, two people agreeing about how simply brilliant open is doesn’t make a Point:Counterpoint session, more like a Point:NoPoint one. Shouldn’t they have been braver and had a ‘vended solutions’ person fighting their corner? Now that would have been more fun…