TNC2009 Plenary Session 2 – Bill St Arnaud

Bill St Arnaud – How Universities and NREN’s can be global leaders in helping reduce global warming A very interesting presentation on global warming and the fact that to deal with it will need substantial change not just switching off a few lights here and there. Claims that ICT use within universities is a major contributor to global warming with 200-500 tons CO2 pa, of which 100-300 tons is from cyber infrastructure per university. Future broadband will consume 5% of energy produced so the issue is no longer about using more efficient devices – this only encourages to use them more – the issue is the energy mix and the production of CO2. Using energy from renewable and non-CO2 production allows the greater use of energy efficient devices. Naturally part of the answer from St Arnaud is the greater use of cloud services and virtualisation and he also was encouraging the use of institutions own energy production to disconnect from the grid and hence the prices that go with it. He gave examples of where this is already happening eg Ecotricity in UK who will build a windmill at a data centre at no cost as long as you contract to buy the energy from it at fixed low price. St Arnaud then baffled me with the details to validate his point. Mmm is  this the sort of stuff we really ought to be discussing and promoting in JISC… A couple of interesting blogs sites were mentioned as well:http://Green-broadband.blogspot.com PS Bill rightly challenged my ‘bafflement’ – what i really meant was that I found it had to absorb all that he was saying in his presentation  and not that he was confusing – i am just not bright enough to keep up, or certainly not at first pass!

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  1. Bill St Arnaud

    I am curious to know where my talk got confusing. There is always ways of improvement. Please feel free to button hole me here at TCN

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