TNC 2009 Opening Plenary – part 2

Jorge Cortell – Kanteron Systems, Malaga University – Augmenting Reality in the Operating RoomHere were some interesting examples of the uses in health care of high capacity networks, augmented reality, a step beyond virtual reality and what is really a hyper-reality modelling showing things that cannot be normally seen or examined – and we got to waear some 1930’s 3D glassses (although the angle for me was too acute to get a good look). Overall I didn’t feel that he made enough connections between the technology and the benefits of it – he is clearly absorbed by his subject – but there was really only a cursory mention of the international collaboration that allows people like him to do this interesting stuff. Maybe he needed to be better briefed, maybe he needed to describe better the benefits of the existing networks and systems as well as their shortcomings that preclude even wackier uses…His presentation can be found here.Archived video here