TF-PR Meeting 7 June 2009 Malaga

The TF-PR meetings are generally getting better and better as the group stabilises and starts sharing experiences and knowledge. But the meeting that usually accompanies the TNC conference frequently feels ‘flat’ I guess because more is expected of the main conference and we don’t really put enough energy into our own side meeting.This one felt much the same but with two notable exceptions. Firstly the interesting summative presentation from Karel Veitsch on the Earnest report and secondly on a rather hastily done but effective review of the terms of reference of the groupTaking the second first we all agreed that we should not ascribe unfeasible ‘deliverables’ to the group – we will produce this that and the other things, which I have always felt rather bogged us down especially as we signally failed to ‘produce’ very much. Karel was helpfully in accord with all this and I was more comfortable that we have reconfirmed that we are really about sharing good practice and experience rather than anything elseOK the Earnest report is scarcely news but its still of interests and Karels presentation showed his continuing enthusiasm for it. His disappointment on asking if there any questions and getting none was palpable and the look on his face betrayed what he thought of us – oh dear