Terena PR Task Force

dublin_castle.jpgTF-PR 25-27 February 2009, DublinHosted by HEA Net in Dublin, this set of meetings followed on directly from the Geant gathering. Much of the first afternoon was taken up in a workshop centred around the issues on internal communications at an NREN level –  first describing how internal communications is currently carried out and then how it should be done in an ideal situtation.The interesting things arising from the workshop cented around how very limited the dedicated resource for communications is in many NREN’s. This means that in reality there is extremely limited opporutnities for NREN’s to do much more than the real basics – web, conference, brochures etc. The UK is really very fortunate – both JISC and JANET are well resourced and so have the opportunity to do things that others only dream of. Overall most agreed that, shockingly, that communications needs to be more central in the organisation, needs to have direct access to other areas of the NREN, needs resourcing and for communications to be taken seriously in this technical environment. The Friday sessions started with Hector giving a presentation and disucssion about JISC’s use of podcasts. This seemed to generate some real interest despite any yet to do any such work – Terena in Laura have the skills but very little time to do them. A short practical session thanks to Laura gave everyone the chance to play with some audio files and Audacity to start some basic editing tasks. Seems likely that we might run more practical sessions in future meetings with the aim of actually getting some podcasts done either for individual NREN’s or perhaps some that can be used across several or all.