Online Educa 08- Norbert Bolz

Prof Norbert Bolz, Berlin University of Technology, Germany
From Knowledge Management to Identity Management

Bolz outlined five key concepts:

  • Serious Play

It is becoming harder to distinguish between tools and toys and younger people are best able to exploit this. Bolz feels that this deals with the issue of ‘paradise of work’ or how it is hard to distinguish between work and play….

  • Self design

The ‘Brand yourself’ idea is about creating an awareness of self branding and it helps the understanding of social networking areas which are about profile design and promotion eg YouTube. It may no longer be about broadcasting or narrowcasting but egocasting. This is about pubic displays of self design and younger people are now concerned with creating not a true self but an interesting self

  • Identity Management

With advent of Googling to discover peoples identity the issue is not just about the technical aspects of identity management but the wider matter of how people manage how they are seen and perceived

  • Attention Management

We now work I an age of reputation and recommendation and links to recommendation. The fact that everyone can communicate with everyone else there means that there is competition to get attention.

  • Linking Value

To do with the logic of networks